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"Useful and handy email campaigning products. They made a great difference to my business profits. Many Thanks!"
Aspen Fissel
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Mailing List Manager

E-Mail Manager - Mailing List Management Software : $49.95

Email Manager is a mailing list manager or a software that helps users manage email newsletters or other email distribution campaigns carried out in huge numbers. This mailing list manager sorts out email list that is based on the domain name or addresses as per the current needs of yours. Merging various email list files is also possible which can be maintained in one file with this email list management tool. Although merging two different files could create duplicates but this email marketing software is capable in removing duplication on its own. This utility is as well able to extract email addresses so it works like an email extractor of the unsubscribed users from mail servers. When an individual does not want to continue receiving emails, the Email Manager extracts the address of that specific user and adds it to the list of ‘unsubscribed’. This helps in a way that no email is sent in future to that person.

  Download Email List Manager .exe file   How to manage email lists with the email list manager. Tutorial opens in a new window.

Manage your Newsletter Mailing Lists and Mass Email Lists with E-Mail Manager : Features

Email addresses are sorted based on the addresses and domain so as to get your list even more organized.
Two different lists can be merged into one, but this is done without making it complicated. It means that duplication is automatically taken care of by mailing list manager.
Separate list of those who have unsubscribed is created for easy integration in your bulk email newsletter sender.
Makes a separate list of all unsubscribers for easy integration in your bulk email newsletter sender.
This email marketing software helps you filter mailing list between old and unsubscribed clients.

Email List Manager for Newsletter List Management and Mass Email Distribution: Screenshots

Unsubscribed users - email address extractor Merge multiple email lists Sort email list files Remove duplicate email addresses Filter email addresses of subscribers